Pests We Control

– – Ants – –

– – Bees – –

– – Earwigs – –

– – Mice – –

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EMS also controls cockroaches, bedbugs, spiders, beetles, centipedes, silverfish, rodents, insects and other unwanted creatures.

– – Rats – –

– – Woodlice – –

– – Wasps – –

– – Flies – –

Top Pest Control Tips:

  • If you feed the birds, be aware that rats and other creatures also like bird food.
  • If you know you have a rodent problem stop feeding and call your pest controller immediately. Rodent problems don´t go away they tend to get worse, quickly. Get help early.
  • Cats and dogs should always be treated for fleas with Frontline, Nuvan Top or similar. For a flea infestation, it´s likely to be cheap and more convenient to call your pest controller than buying cans of spray to treat your house.
  • Keep areas as clean as possible. Your rubbish is ideal food and shelter for unwanted guests.
  • Always ask for a price for the job before work starts.
  • If you have a wasp or bee problem don´t fill their access holes as they will only find another way in and this will make the problem harder to treat.
  • Stand compost bins on wire mesh or slabs to stop rodents getting in.
  • Most importantly, always ask your pest controller if he wants a coffee!