Ant Control

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(Ant Removal and Ant Extermination)


Example of a previous job

We were called to job to sort out some ants in a kitchen. Ants were where seemingly everywhere: On and under the carpet; around the doorframe and on the wall; around the window bay. The house owner had tried to treat the problem but was unsuccessful (often ants can be hard to treat due to the sheer number of them involved). Studying the routes taken by the ants led to finding the source, a nest under paving slabs outside the kitchen. This was destroyed and the ants in the kitchen were no more.

Top tips on ants
  • Keep the area around your house free from branches and plants. Pest like ants can nest in these and use them to get in into the property.
  • Ensure there are no food sources for ants nearby.
  • Try to remove any standing water – pests are attracted to moisture.
  • Seal any cracks or holes in walls to your house.
  • Keep food sealed properly. Using jars and click-clock type containers is a good idea.