Bee Control

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(Bee Removal and Bee Extermination)


Example of previous work

Bees are essential in nature and are not aggressive insects so we will always remove a swarm of bees if at all possible, rather than destroy them. However sometimes this isn´t possible. A job in Horncastle required more than just the destruction of a bees nest! The new owner of a house wanted a 20 year old nest removed from the chimney but this wasn´t possible due to the logistics involved. It wasn’t a simple job so scaffolding was erected and part of the chimney stack was removed. It turned out the nest cone was two meters long, very heavy and loaded with honey. It was a shame to have destroyed all the bees´ hard work but after rebuilding the part of the chimney stack removed the new owner was safe and able to light a fire in the fireplace.

Top tips on bees
  • If you find bees, be very careful. A Sting can be deadly.
  • Keep the area around your house free from branches and plants. Bees can nest in these and use them to get in into the property too.
  • Bees need pollen to survive and they´re essential to plant reproduction. If you have a flowery garden bees will naturally be attracted.
  • Seal any cracks or holes in walls to your house.
  • Keep food, especially sugary treats, sealed properly. Using jars and click-clock type containers is a good idea.