Flea Control

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(Flea Removal and Flea Extermination)


Example of previous work

Pests like anywhere for a home and one job required us to help out a travelling circus. The staff of the circus had recently bought three second hand caravans and they were being bitten by something. Knowing the previous owner had a cat they assumed fleas must have been the problem. This was true for one of the caravans but on closer inspection of the other two caravans, it was found bed bugs were the source of the bites. After a bit of treatment no one was being bitten anymore.

Top tips on fleas
  • Use Frontline, Nuvan Top to help you pet keep free from fleas.
  • Bathe your pet. Use can use a `flea dip´ and after comb them with a flea comb.
  • After using flea products / washing / combing you pet, try to keep them inside for as long as possible to prevent a new infestation.
  • Wash your pet´s furniture and any materials that have been on the floor. A wash will help kill some eggs but fleas often survive. A tumble dry will kill fleas. Clean and dry everything in the house at the sometime and keep clean stuff away from dirty stuff in the process.
  • If possible shampoo the carpet.
  • Keep your pet in good shape to help it naturally fight fleas as best it can.