Rat Control

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(Rat Removal and Rat Extermination)


Example of a previous job

We were called to a job where rats were eating food from workers lunch boxes  The shop had tried poison and traps but the rats didn’t touch either. After finding rats´ the point of entry we deployed a specially made tracking dust poison. The rats were soon killed off as the poisoned dust was ingested when they tried to clean it of their fur. The rats conveniently died off the premises so there were no issues removing their bodies. Job done.

Top tips on rats
  • Ensure there are no food sources nearby. Keep food sealed properly. Using jars and click-clock type containers is a good idea.
  • Rodents can reproduce quickly given the right conditions so acting quickly is important to prevent the problem getting worse.
  • Seal any cracks or holes in walls to your house. Rats can get though very small gaps and easily gnaw away a small hole into a suitable size.
  • Also check electrical and plumbing entrances, doors, gutters, vents and chimneys for potential entrances.
  • Pests like mice can nest in many places but somewhere warm and dry is particularly attractive to them. Keep the area around your house free from branches and plants so that it´s harder to get into place like the attic.
  • Using wood, plastic, rubber or any easily chewed. Mice can gnaw through things like this without much trouble.
  • Try to remove any standing water – don´t give mice a free drink.
  • Store food off the floor.